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While I was assigned to the 1st Armored Division G1 in Bad Kreuznach Germany, I created my first MS Access database in 1998 on version 1997 using Windows 95. That was the first time I touched a computer. I saw someone create a database and I was hooked. I enjoyed how easy it was to move items around on a form, connect it to a table, and query. I immediately spent $1,500 on a computer and started to learn MS Access during my off time from work.

My first database was a Division G1 database that allowed us to track awards, print award certificates, personnel actions, and Congressional inquiries. This knowledge of MS Access led the Division to reassign me within G1 to be the G1 Enlisted Strength Management NCOIC as an E5. This was normally an E6 or E7 position, but due to my knowledge of systems and analytical abilities, I was given this opportunity and did very well.

I’ve found that knowing how to automate an office is an essential skill for a military Human Resources professional. Since 1998, I’ve gone on to be in charge of both Battalion and Brigade S1s, worked in another G1, S3 Operations, and retired from the Human Resources Command in 2014. Every one of these jobs had a need for automation that allowed me and my team to perform better.

Today I have a new day to day job, but during my off time, I still volunteer. I enjoy helping Soldiers automate their own offices. You will find many of my previous databases on S1Net and spread throughout the Army both active duty and reserves/National Guard.

This website is dedicated to you. You’re here in search of a better way to improve your office environment to be more productive and efficient. I’m here to help you, just let me know what you need.

Check Out This Database in the Works

S1 Military HR Database

This database is in the infancy stages of development. I’ve built S1 databases before, but I thought I would take a more simplistic approach to this one.

I plan to start with awards tracking and once I have everything built for awards that I believe is needed, I will move on to Leaves and Passes, Personnel Actions and so on.

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