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I have been building MS Access databases since 1998, they are a big part of what made me successful throughout my military career. An automated office allows you to train your Soldiers and get answers to your leadership quickly and efficiently.

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MS Access Solutions Just For You

Besides the free databases you’ll find available here, we offer custom solutions as well.

Great Design

While MS Access has it's limitations, we try to design with the best practices and great looking user interfaces.


Transform your spreadsheets to a multi-user database system that you can run over your network.

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Ask questions about using MS Access in our support forum, Facebook, or through our helpdesk system.

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Increase Productivity

An MS Access database allows you to reduce user input error, run analytical reports and do more work in less time.

Over 23 Years

I built my first database while stationed in Germany with the US Army. It was a Division G1 database for awards and actions.

Training Videos

All database tutorials will be posted on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions about how to do something, let me know.

Database Projects

I am currently working on Army S1 Database, then I will work an Orderly Room Db, Platoon Sergeant and possibly an S3 Operations Db.

What's Your Database Need?

Contact me and let me know what type of database you are in need of. I will provide you a quote or possibly build it for free if it is something many others are in need of.

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About Me

I’m Donnie, I’ve been building MS Access databases since 1998. My first database was for the 1st Armored Division G1. It allowed me to process awards, personnel actions, and Congressional inquiries.

I’m now retired from the US Army and have a new career, but during my free time, I like to build databases and websites.

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Whether you just have some general knowledge questions about MS Access or need some help with one of the databases I’ve created, just let me know.

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